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Comfortable Living Environment
Fukuoka Prefecture is not only a prominent industrial center, it is also a vibrant place to live. A fusion of history, tradition and modernity, the prefecture combines convenience with the fullest life experience.
Fukuoka is blessed by unspoiled beaches and seas rich in marine life and has an abundance of mountains, forested parks and rural areas.
Fukuoka City was selected by US Newsweek magazine as one of the World’s 10 Hottest Cities.
Prefectural residential land prices are 17% of those in Tokyo and 32% of those in Osaka.

A Home Away from Home
Fukuoka’s approximately 45,000 foreign residents give the prefecture a distinct cosmopolitan character. Diverse shopping and entertainment facilities, a rich sports culture, abundant sightseeing spots, convenient transportation systems, and a low cost of living combined with overall safety make Fukuoka ideal for people from abroad.
Canal City
Stations, airports and street-side information provided in English, Korean and Chinese.
Excellent shopping and entertainment options presented in modern architectural wonders like Canal City (Fukuoka City) and Riverwalk (Kitakyushu City).
A fully accredited international school (pre-kindergarten through grade 12) means that the children of non-native Japanese residents have the option of receiving an education in English.
Multilingual consultations on housing, health care, law and other critical issues are available.
About 40 foreign diplomatic facilities and foreign government organizations, as well as economic and cultural institutions are established in Fukuoka.

Rich Cultural Tradition
Fukuoka Prefecture is alive with tradition and culture cultivated over the centuries. Fukuoka is also overflowing with modern culture such as digital art, live music, musicals and Kabuki. Here are just a few more examples of what Fukuoka has to offer:

Japan's national sport, sumo, holds its annual autumn tournament in Fukuoka.
Fukuoka is home to professional baseball and soccer teams.
Dozens of festivals are held annually, including the Hakata Gion Yamakasa and Kokura Gion Daiko with histories of over 700 years and nearly 400 years, respectively.
Unique traditional crafts have been developed such as Hakata-ningyo (porcelain dolls), Hakata-ori (weaved textiles), and the rustic ceramics of Koishiwara and Agano.
Fukuoka offers its own unique cuisine as found in mizutaki (chicken stew), Hakata ramen (noodles) and the unique dining experience of its renowned yatai (open-air food stalls).

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