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Sun Microsystems is one of the world’s leading computer server manufacturing and sales firms that emerged as a venture firm in the U.S. with only four employees in 1982. Now, over twenty years since incorporation, the firm has grown into a major firm boasting business locations in 170 nations and about 35,000 employees worldwide. The Java technology developed by the firm has delivered numerous innovations.
Sun Microsystems has selected Fukuoka as the region in which to incorporate a business model that diverges away from Tokyo. As the reason for selecting Fukuoka, Masashi Nakamura, a representative who was involved in the preparations for the Kyushu Office as well as the start in March 2003 of business based in Fukuoka, stated, “The first factor is market potential. The GDP of Fukuoka Prefecture alone is on par with the GDP of the entire Netherlands. Moreover, Fukuoka is situated close to the Asian market, the hottest market in the global economy. Furthermore, office rent and other fixed costs are lower than Tokyo and these savings can in turn be invested into new businesses and R&D. It is understandable why the bulk of major Japanese firms have established bases in Kyushu. I am also working on a new project aimed at creating something that will become a global standard that started in Fukuoka.”
However, in reality there are yet regional issues to be tackled. “Firstly, I believe an environment that facilitates the development of profitable businesses must be created in local regions. I believe this requires the effort of all information firms in Fukuoka. Our challenge is to create a new market together with regional firms and local governments and to establish an environment that will attract business from around the world to Kyushu,” says Nakamura. Backing this statement is Sun Microsystems’ proactive involvement in IT human resource development, entrepreneur support and other projects in Fukuoka Prefecture. As an example of the fruit of such efforts, Fukuoka’s EitaroSoft produced the 3D mascot Duke, introduced on the Sun Microsytems’ official site, in cooperation with Sun Microsystems and this subsequently gave Sun Microsystems the opportunity to introduce that technology to the world.
“The people of Kyushu are strongly self-assertion, take on challenges in a cheerful fun manner and create new ideas that are unbelievable,” comments Nakamura. Sun Microsystems’ persistent challenges in alliance with the local region will likely become the force that generates a westerly wind pushing businesses from Fukuoka to break out onto the world scene.
Sun Microsystems K.K.
URL : (Japanese)
Head Office : U.S.
Japan Locations : Head Office Tokyo
Branch Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Business Lines : Markets computer systems, software and related equipment that serve as the infrastructure for network computing, as well as various services such as maintenance and training
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