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German automotive design giant EDAG opened its first Japanese branch in Fukuoka in May 2005. (The branch became a corporation in February 2006.) The firm has opened centers in fifteen countries and 36 regions throughout the world, and designs automobile bodies and components for industry leaders including BMW, Audi and Honda, along with developing manufacturing lines and providing engineering services.
EDAG describes why the firm decided to locate its Japanese operations in Fukuoka, rather than Tokyo or Nagoya. “First, we were captivated by Fukuoka’s excellent access to various cities. The nuclei of Japan’s automotive leaders are dispersed, with Honda in Tochigi, Nissan in Tokyo, Toyota in Nagoya and Mazda in Hiroshima. EDAG established an office in Fukuoka City, but with Fukuoka Airport reachable in five minutes by subway and bullet trains at Hakata Station a three-minute walk away, clients can be efficiently accessed through various transport means. EDAG also has four other bases in the Asia region to which access is also excellent. Additionally, Fukuoka Prefecture’s Frankfurt Office provided us with precisely the information we required leading up to our establishment here, and that contributed significantly to our decision to set up operations in Fukuoka.” Moreover, the northern Kyushu area centered around Fukuoka is home to the plants of Nissan, Toyota and Daihatsu, with the number of automobiles produced in the area exceeding one million in 2006. Thus, EDAG has great expectations for its market and future growth. The EDAG spokesman also commented, “we encourage automobile manufacturers to establish design centers in Kyushu,” suggesting the further development of the automotive industry in Kyushu together with EDAG, which boasts sophisticated design technologies using CATIA (a high-end 3D CAD used primarily in the automotive industry).
The globalization of the world’s automobile manufacturers today is remarkable. Japanese automobile manufacturers have intensified their global operations, including opening facilities in China. Overseas automobile manufacturers are also taking steps to expand operations in Japan. EDAG is convinced that it will be able to provide direct support to Japanese automobile manufacturers from its base in Fukuoka while taking optimal advantage of its worldwide network.
EDAG Japan Co., Ltd.
URL : (Japanese)
Nationality : Germany
Location : Fukuoka
Business : Engineering and design for automotive industry
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